Survey on Sexual Behaviour 2006-2007

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Many studies and surveys on the Germans' sexual behaviour are out of date or they have been made from people who focus on the production of erotic auxiliary means.

As sexual therapists with a Tantric background, we have developed a specific survey regarding the topics that are important us in our every-day work. Since January 2006, our survey can be filled in anonymously on homepage. We already have the results of more than 1000 questionnaires. These questionnaires are a very valuable and helpful source for Tantra teachers, psychologists and psychotherapists. What makes it special is: Everyone who is interested in our results can have a free "interactive evaluation".

his survey has been filled in by men and women who found their way to our homepage: This means, it is not a representative survey in respect to the total population. This is also because about 25 per cent of the persons interviewed have had Tantric experience. This of course has nothing to do with the average German. However, what is reflected in this data is that part of the population, that is actively interested in a personal development of their sexuality; those people are looking for information for this aim. In other words, this number represents the average man or woman who is looking for support with sexual therapists. Some connections seem are quite interesting. The survey has been carefully designed and is very detailed: Even though we have many aspects that differ significantly from one another, we are able to filter out relevant results.

Cost-free Interactive Evaluation

It is important to us, that all people working in the field of sexual therapy or those who are interested in sexuality have access to our study. We decided to create a very complex interactive evaluation which is available to you without charge. Our users only have to register. Then the results can be sorted and compared according to various aspects. We hope that we can thus contribute to a certain development of consciousness.

The Results: There is a high demand for sexual therapy

Sexual development

On average, in their adolescence, girls are more experienced than boys. Petting starts about half a year earlier, they have their first sexual intercourse about one year earlier. 28 per cent of the girls report to experience their "first time" as unpleasant or painful. However, only 7 per cent of the boys share a similar experience. Boys start about one year early to masturbate (at the age of 14 or 13). 14 per cent of the men and 51 per cent of the women have suffered from sexual violence. 14 per cent of the women experienced direct sexual abuse, but only 1 per cent of the men. An ongoing analysis of this data would be very interesting; however, it would lead too far here.

Sexual behaviour and sex partners

In our survey, we found out that on average men have 15 sex partners, women only 12. Most of the people stated to have had 1 to 5 sex partners. The higher average number has its reason in those few people who have had a high number of sex partners. Men and women alike have about 2.4 solid and lasting partnerships. What is remarkable, is that women have sex about twice as often as men: 7 times compared to 3 times per month. In respect to those average numbers we would like to say, that there is a high spectrum in respect to frequency. The big differences in frequency found out in the survey do not correspond to our experience. In other words: We doubt the long-term estimates that had to be entered. Half of the men states to take the initiative in order to have sex, but only 13 per cent of the women do.
About Faithfulness: By the way, the cliché of the unfaithful man is no longer true. Exactly the same number of women and men (44 per cent) stated to have never cheated on their partners. With 87 per cent, men have more sexual fantasies that they would like to practice (women only 69 per cent).

Sexual therapy and love trainings

There is still a high demand on sexual therapy and love training. 40 per cent of the men and 35 per cent of the women are not satisfied with their sexuality. Twice as many women as men (22 per cent compared to 10 per cent) suffer from a lack of lust; more that twice as many women then men (27 per cent compared to 13 per cent) suffer from a lack of sexual motivation. What is more, women state to feel pain during sex four times as often as men (41 per cent to 10 per cent). However, women seem to be a little more open in looking for professional help than men: 23 per cent compared to 17 per cent.

Sexual behaviour of women

Every fifth woman has never reached orgasm during sex and almost one third of the women states to sometimes feign orgasm. The G-spot is not of any interest for half of the women and interestingly enough, more than 1/3 of the women knows about female ejaculation. Almost 2/3 of the women has already experienced multiple orgasms.

Sexual behaviour of men

33% of the men do have problems (sometimes or regularly) getting an erection; 48% have problems keeping it. 56% of the men complain to have early ejaculation, 1/3 of the men state to have sometimes difficulties reaching orgasm. However, only every 9th man has tried to solve his erection problems by taking virility pills. More that 1/3 of the men has experienced orgasm without ejaculation.

The persons responsible for this survey are Leila Bust and Bjørn Leimbach, sexual therapists with own office in Dortmund.

Instructions for the interactive evaluation

Chose a group (e.g. "men" or "singles") and confirm pressing enter. Now this group will be filtered out. In addition, it is possible to have this group filtered out according to other aspects using the same method.
Hint: Open two windows parallely so that you can compare e.g. men and women in contrast. Have fun! We hope that you will have interesting findings.

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