Tantra is a word taken from Sanskrit. Its origins go back more than a thousand years. Tantra emerged as a form of countermovement to the ascetic Yoga and to religious Buddhism. Tantra is one way to lead you to a more conscious level of existence and feeling by teaching certain rituals, breathing techniques and meditation. Exercises that awaken your sexual energy play a central role here.

For thousands of years, these exercises have been passed on to chosen Tantrics and were brought to our culture by Western seekers on a quest for meaning. Over the last 30 years, since Tantra has found its way to Europe and America, a Western Neo-Tantra has developed under the influence of humanistic psycho-therapy. It combines the spiritual contents of classic Tantra with modern methods of body therapy. Thus, Tantra has become a connection of heart, sexuality and spirituality in a way that is suitable for our Western understanding.

LoveCreation®  - A Practical Psychology Of Love

Our LoveCreation® training courses for love and relationships are our own interpretation and further development of our Tantric and Neo-Tantric roots. During the last 20 years, we have continuously  improved our own skills and keep developing our training courses. On the one hand, we follow a very pragmatic path (Tantra suitable for every day). On the other hand, we are eager to keep a high-quality standard in our work as (sexual) therapists and couple coaches. We are not interested in offering you short-term highlights with some Indian feeling - on the contrary: We are interested in inciting and going along with your long-term change processes. It is nice, of course, if theses processes are also fun and feel good. One reason why we all laugh at lot in our seminars; we dance, breathe, love and give and receive gentle and sensual massages. We do not follow any dogma in respect to free love, monogamy or other concepts of relationship. We are there to assist you so that you can find your own way or expression in love – whatever that might be for you. The only thing that matters is that you are able to live your love – every day.

LoveCreation® - A Safe and Secure Area For Experiences That Go Beyond

With LoveCreation®, your orientation towards love in every-day life will be growing – either for yourself or with your partner. You as a single man or woman, or you as a couple, will find a trustful atmosphere and a secure and safe place for new experiences so that you can make a step beyond your limitations. These new experiences can be very intense. Thus, it is important for you to understand that you can always rely on our professional guidance – during and also after our seminars. Leila Bust & Bjørn Leimbach, we are experienced trainers and coaches in various forms of psycho-therapy and coaching. We will be there for you in your processes until they are completed.

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