Seminars for Self-Awareness, Tantra and Personal Growth

Seminars based on fundamental psychology
Competent and Professional Leadership
Attentive and Experienced Guidance
by Leila Bust, Bjørn Leimbach and Team

Our seminars concentrate on personal development on the basis of Tantra and Western psychology. LoveCreation® is a special school for loving and living wonderful relationships. We do not follow any dogma in respect to free love, monogamy or other concepts of relationship. Our seminars are designed to support you and help you find your individual way to a fulfilling love life and more consciously lived relationships.

LoveCreation® is a modern way of Tantric initiation for men and women. In a unique way, old Tantric wisdom and Western methods of personal development and therapy are combined. LoveCreation® is the result of our long-lasting work with couples and singles. It shows the results of our research as well as our experience in therapy and personal development.

Love Training

A fulfilling sexuality is the basis for every loving relationship. Very often, however, sexual lust and passion ceases after the first phase of infatuation has gone. For many couples, this is the end of their relationship. What is lacking? Very often, we do not know about the deeper meanings of and the connection between male and female sexuality. In our Sexual Training Courses, we teach you how to explore and live a fulfilling and dignified sexuality. Tantra again forms the basis of our modern and practical Sexual Training. This has nothing to do with exotic Kamasutra sex positions. On the contrary: We show you tangible possibilities to find what is adequate for you in a free sexuality full of bliss. The first step in order to develop your own sexual ability is to see yourself as a sexual being. It is a basic step to accept your own body and sexuality. It is important to overcome restricting and shaping influences like conventions, role behaviour or stereotypes in sexuality. This means that you learn a new and conscious way to deal with feelings like intimacy, closeness, limits and limitations, independence, power and powerlessness, trauma and shame but also surrender and ecstasy. First, you will train your sensibility and awareness for your own sexual behaviour. Then you will get acquainted with new helpful and supporting forms of communication in love. Thus, you will find a way to express your own sexual wishes and needs. You will also find an authentic way for yourself as a woman or a man in sexuality.

Our Relationship Training Course

In our relationship seminars, we impart knowledge and skills that help you live a fulfilling, happy and sensual relationship. If you want to live these goals, we support you in releasing old relationships or a separation, we help you heal your broken heart, you will relearn to trust. For many years now, we have done research and we have further developped our methods through our work with singles and couples, in seminars and individual coachings but also through the reflection of our own experiences as a couple.

All these processes and experiences have become part of our detailed knowledge in respect to the different stages and problems in a partnership or marriage. In our relationship training course, you can have a closer look at topics like closeness - distance, dependence - independence, jealousy, threesome relationships, fear of commitment. This helps you understand their deeper and underlying connections and meanings. We show you possibilities to deal with these topics in a conscious and helpful way. As a single man or woman, this will re-open you for a new and adequate relationship. As a couple, it helps you intensify your existing relationship.

Methods Applied In Our LoveCreation® Seminars

All our Tantric structures, exercises and rituals have shown to be helpful over many years of practical training and coaching. They are continuously being enhanced. This is what forms the basis:
Modern therapy methods for liberation and personal development,
i.e. Bio-Energetics, Rebirthing, Reichian Body Therapy etc.
Powerful exercises for meditation and attentiveness developed by us
Tantric energy exercises and rituals, Yoga, Chakra work
Various meditation techniques using silence and/or movement
Massages for relaxation, healing and energising
Artistic elements such as dancing, drawing and vocal expression
Consciousness work and clarification in talks and speeches
Individual systemic coaching as well as Family Constellations
Perceptional exercises, contact exercises - for yourself and with partner(s)
Our presence as therapists as well as our authenticity and intuition

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