What Effects Do Our Seminars Have?

I wonder
Asking myself
If this is the right time
To go my way?
Is this the right time for me
To begin?

Heart over mind
When the wind takes my hand
Whispering "come with me"
I wonder where to wander
With my broken child
Will you hold me?
Kiss me gently
Staying close
Yet letting lose
Is this the dance
The dance of my life?
Only to be danced
The moment I give up

A dance
Like spring leaves in summer wind
My dance of life
No beginning
No end
I wonder

LoveCreation® is not simply some kind of wellness or contact nor is it an erotic adventure. Our seminars and trainings are characterised by their depth and competent leadership. It is our wish to offer you as a participant in our seminars more than just a wonderful weekend. We will provide you with a knowledge and skills that enable you to actively create your love and relationship with a greater awareness and more happiness - also in everyday life. Due to the competence and therapeutic background of our leaders, our seminars will help you experience an intensified awareness of life, they help you to heal and expand your sexual experience, you will experience an emotional maturity and ability for relationships, unknown energy, ability to love and zest for life.

LoveCreations® And Some Of Its Effects

* Stress Release and Relaxation
* Increased self-esteem as a man or a woman
* Increased bodily well-being
* Inner peace, vitality and zest for life
* Find a new access to your feelings
* Let go of shame, fear or guilt
* Healing of emotional and sexual hurts
* Detailed knowledge of sexuality, love and partnership
* Adequate help for a lively and fulfilling partnership
* Create a positive self-perception as a man or a woman
* Cope with relationship crises, separation or family problems
* Live a fulfilling and liberated sexuality

Most of our participants, however, tell us that the experience made in our seminars by far exceed what they had hoped for.

Read for yourself. This is what they said: References in German.

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