embraceAre you yearning for closeness? Are you looking for ways to combine love, eros and spirituality? Would you like to define yourself as a new man or a new woman? Do you want to outgrow your limitations? Then allow yourself to join our LoveCreation® Love Training! In our 3-5 day single seminars, you can meet other singles in a respectful and playful manner - and find love!

It is not important whether you are a Tantra beginner or already sophisticated. In every seminar of our three single Tantra seminars you will come across typical single topics: How do you get in contact with other people? How do you express your womanhood or manhood? What kinds of partners do you normally attract? How do you find a partner? What is your vision of a future relationship? And what is it that might stand in your way? Try new possibilities exploring various forms of getting in contact, share intense and wonderful encounters, expand beyond your boundaries and limitations or learn to consciously set them.

What kinds of people will you meet in the single seminars?

You will meet your peers: People like you who are looking for something that goes deeper than a just superficial contact, people who want to intensify their ability to love. You will meet many different men and women and share something absolutely special: a moment of bliss, an intimate wink of an eye, your heart will be touched, you will have a sensual massage, ecstatic dancing, an honest exchange on personal topics or an important feedback. We as the seminar leaders take care that the number of men and women is well-balanced and we also provide an atmosphere of respect and attentiveness.

What is this single seminar about?

Especially in our single seminars, we accompany you in exploring and developing your own ability to love - and to live fulfilling relationships. In the first place, this means that you will physically and emotionally relax and find your own centre. You will learn to accept yourself as a sexual being within your female and male body and to feel at home in this body. Say yes to your own sensuality and eroticism and get into contact with others being conscious of these sources. What is also important is that you will have the opportunity to say goodbye to old bonds; in very powerful exercises and rituals, you will heal old trauma of loss and separation so that you can open up again to love.