On the journey towards yourself, Tantra will awaken your ability to be touched, your sensibility, sensitiveness and sensuality. All those wonderful qualities have often been forgotten. They empower us with our energy of life. In this respect, Tantra can also be seen as a way to heal: Our loving escort during the seminars will make it possible for you to face and embrace old injuries and disappointments from your childhood. It becomes possible to give up old protective mechanisms and limitations and you will arrive at your own source of power. Tantra leads the way: It shows you how to leave all your self-criticism behind and face true self-love. This is an essential step if you want to experience real love with a partner.

Your Body is The Temple Of Your Soul

There are many people in our cultural area who regard their body as something that just has to "function"; maybe they criticise their body because it does not correspond to a certain "perfect" and unapproachable ideal. Tantra can help you find a new relationship to your body and its wonderful inherent sensuality. Find a way to say "Yes" to yourself as a man or a woman, to accept your body and to love it. This is a very important first step in Tantra. Feeling at home in your body, living within. Tantra says: "The body is the temple of the soul."

Tantra assumes that within every woman there is a divine core called "Shakti". Within every man there is a "Shiva". Thus, in Tantra there is a lot more than just an encounter between a man and a woman: It is a divine encounter between Shiva and Shakti. As Gods, we live in the temples of our bodies. This temple wants to be serviced, nourished and worshipped. Tantra is like a wonderful love story - a love story with yourself as Shiva or Shakti.

I wonder

Asking myself
If this is the right time
To go my way?

Is this the right time for me
To begin?

When Thinking Stops and Becomes Feeling

Experience what it is like to halt in the middle of a hectic every-day life. Relax and return to your own centre. From this inner place of silence and relaxation, a new feeling of life will arise, a more intense consciousness for yourself. You will feel more present. More and more, you will let go of all self-made restrictions that prevent you from fully living your life - thoughts. You will cease living in remembrance of the past or in worries about the future. You will immerge completely into life - directly and fully.

Awakening Of The Senses

People who come to us often complain that they have the feeling of living a half-hearted and shallow life. This also has consequences for their sexuality. They hope to find more vitality and sensuality. Sensuality starts with your senses: Seeing, listening, feeling, smelling and tasting. In every-day life, we have often ceased to experience our world directly. Our world is influenced and even created through our thoughts, beliefs and evaluations. We classify, we find something to be good or bad - even before we give ourselves the chance to really explore something or someone. Tantra will lead you back into the realm of your senses. Tantra will lead your way when you learn to perceive others differently: When you enjoy the pure experience of listening and smelling carefully and fully aware, tasting slowly, feeling and looking, perceiving. Thus you will perceive yourself and others completely anew, you will meet and perceive beyond the limitations and evaluations of your mind.

Every Moment Can Become Eternal

This experience will finally lead you to a relaxed way of feeling, you will let go of thoughts and expectations, you will find your innermost wishes and impulses and your existence will become simply sensuous. Your orientation towards others "What do people think about me?", "What are the others doing?" is slowly being replaced by your orientation towards your inner self: "What are my wishes?". What emerges when you allow yourself to explore the multiplicity of feelings anew is a zest for life and a love of life. Leave all those evaluations and judgments behind and follow your own impulses. One aspect of Tantra is to open up to the important things in life - first of all to yourself.

Energy for love

After you have experienced relief of restrictions and limitations, LoveCreation® will lead you into new experience spaces of love, connectivity and ecstasy. Here, you will find so much more than simple "function-oriented" sexuality or a satisfaction of needs. In this respect, Tantra by far exceeds what a mere sexual therapy can offer. It shows a wider understanding of intimacy, love and sexuality. With Tantra, you will allow love a wider space in your life. Your focus on love will grow. With Tantra you will learn to explore love in a new way - for yourself or with a partner. Tantric secrets lead you into undreamt-of realms of feeling and intimacy. It will also show you the spiritual aspects of sexuality. In our seminars, we create a trustful atmosphere and a safe and secure room for you to explore and experience new ways.

Outgrow Yourself

This way leads beyond your limited personality - back to your own essence. When you are in contact with your own essential being, you will explore that your body feels a deeply routed self-esteem, you will feel connected to men and women and to the sensuousness of your own life. LoveCreation® Tantra is a spiritual way - back to your own essence and to an increased awareness and consciousness.

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I wonder

Asking myself
If this is the right time
To go my way?

Is this the right time for me
To begin?

Heart over mind
When the wind takes my hand
Whispering "come with me"
I wonder where to wander
With my broken child

Will you hold me?
Kiss me gently
Staying close
Yet letting loose

Is this the dance
The dance of my life?
Only to be danced
The moment I give up

A dance
Like spring leaves in summer wind
My dance of life
No beginning
No end

I wonder

Ruth Marquardt, participant of our Tantra Training 2007