innigkeitAt the beginning of a relationship, most couples have the feeling that they found heaven on earth. When melting into another, time and space cease to exist. At last you have found a person who understands your innermost wishes, who accepts you and who fulfils your fundamental needs. After some time, however, the first shadows seem to appear: disputes, misunderstandings, jealousy, retreat and acts full of disrespect. What follows mostly is a sexuality that becomes less frequent and more and more perfunctory. In our Seminars for Couples, we show you practical ways that help you rebuild and create your connectivity and love with your partner in a very conscious way and thus renew your bond.
The art of Tantra not only bears the key for long-time couples - also as newly-in-loves will you find important keys for your love and sexual potential: You will find ways to enhance and retain both. Our sexual exercises for you are especially balanced; you will learn to explore your sexual energy, to spread it throughout your whole body and guide the flow consciously.
Love arises and grows in the magnetic field of female and male polarity. In our LoveCreation® Couples Training, you will learn to accept and playfully use your diversity as man and woman - also in a sexual context. You will thus create a love play that is filled with your authentic wishes, your sexual preferences and needs, and you will find joint bliss and sexual compliance. We work with Tantric elements, elements from sexual therapy and systemic couples therapy.

Each LoveCreation® couples seminar gives you a sensual time-out with psychological depth.
You will learn:

  • to gently and lovingly touch every part of your partner
  • to make your partner's eyes beam
  • to become sensitive for your own body and its perceptions
  • to let your love deepen and to fall in love again with your partner
  • to communicate about your sexual desires and needs
  • to become still with your partner and to relax within this stillness
  • to let your feelings of lust grow throughout your whole body
  • to enhance your orgasm potential and to guide and direct your sexual arousal.

Our LoveCreation® Couples Training consists of the following two seminars:

"Magic Moments" and "Dimensions of Love"

Both seminars have similar structures. However, their contents are completely different and the two seminars complement one another. You can book each seminar individually or both together. As an introductory step or as a sensual option, we highly recommend our Tantra Massage Seminars for couples which are organised on weekends.

You will explore the following in both seminars: As a couple, you will be carried through the energetic field of the whole group: As part of the group, you will have room for reflection, support, exchange with others, guided massages, meditation and rituals. You will share all exercises with your own partner. For more intimate structures, each couple will retreat into their own rooms.

You are looking for an individual course for you? Then look at "Tantra Individual"

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